Freitag, 12. August 2005
John John Jesse // Gallery

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Zwei komplette Alben von Ice-T für lau

Von nicorola kommt heute diese Meldung:

Ice T-Fans aufgepasst: auf seiner Homepage stellt der Rapper sein vielleicht bestes Werk “O.G.- Original Gangster” und die Platte “The Iceberg” komplett zum kostenlosen Download bereit. Und das ganze in einer guten 192kbp/s-Qualität. Einfach auf die Songs klicken, der Download startet automatisch.

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Durch die Nacht mit psyCKo // Light-Version // Teil 2/11

Sound Project 1 - Music for Car Commercials

In January of 2005 I invited a bunch on frends to join a virtual band. We would start with a track and pass it on to a member, who after editing and adding would pass it on to the next member. The musicians were asked to bend, fold add and have fun, take the music to there creative place. The only rule was that we would all use Apple's Computer Garage Band, an application that has been shipping with all Macintoshs for the last 2 years.

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Durch die Nacht mit psyCKo // Light-Version // Teil 2/10

Einfach nur Noize:
Kill Yr. Hi-Fi

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Durch die Nacht mit psyCKo // Light-Version // Teil 2/09

Exotica & space age pop: "Moira"

The album starts off slow, but builds up speed by Maestro S.V.P., and simply kicks Quebecois butt thereafter. This is great 60's romantic pop with a French-Italian flair. Too bad there's so little of it available.

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Durch die Nacht mit psyCKo // Light-Version // Teil 2/08 download of the moment:
Living Jazz - Hot butter & soul

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Durch die Nacht mit psyCKo // Light-Version // Teil 2/07

Für alle Bauchtanz-Fetischisten out there:
Middle East Ensemble Conducted by Hakki Obadia and Joseph Suga: 10 Nights in a Harem

P.S.: Schnell Downloaden - am 15. ist schon wieder ein neues Album dran...

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Durch die Nacht mit psyCKo // Light-Version // Teil 2/06

Kraftwerk vs. Coldplay

Coldplay (bet you never thought you'd see them mentioned here, did you?) have a new single called "Talk" that sounds suspiciously like Kraftwerk's "Computer Love," from their classic 1981 "Computer World" album. Anyone know if there are any German names in the Coldplay album writing credits? They certainly didn't sample or remix the original recording of "Computer Love" - might just be a good old-fashioned rip-off. A mashup (from Really Interesting Audio Adventures, in this instance) was inevitable
» via Music For Maniacs

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Ich rauch...

...jetz erstma eine.

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 Dies und Das - der taegliche Wahnsinn


Durch die Nacht mit psyCKo // Light-Version // Teil 2/05

Beim Netlabel Comfort Stand gibt`s auch ein neues Release: feverdreams - surrounding steht für Ambient, Click´n`Beats und wirres Sound-Gefrickel. Gefällt. (zumindest in meinem jetzigen Zustand - müsst ich mir morgen, nüchtern nochmal anhören...)

"Feverdreams is dark and mysterious. A rumbling and shimmering miasma of soothing low end, staticky buzz, and occasional clatter and skree. Gorgeous slow building soundscapes with subtle non-repeating rhythms and with layers and layers of drone, whir, throb, and clang. This would be nightmare music if it wasn't so damn pretty."

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Durch die Nacht mit psyCKo // Light-Version // Teil 2/04

Pilita with Arthur Young
I'll take romance

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Durch die Nacht mit psyCKo // Light-Version // Teil 2/03

Role Model, aka Johan Kotlinksi, is the man responsible for creating Little Sound DJ, a piece of software that allows you to compose music on a gameboy. That makes him a bit of a legend on the chiptunes scene, not something you can attribute to many people around the world...
Anspieltipp ist "Missy Elliott + Role Model - 4 My People/Kinetiskt Porslin.
Herr dozer hat allerdings noch ein paar weitere Tracks online...

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Durch die Nacht mit psyCKo // Light-Version // Teil 2/02

diese radioshow steht für eine zeit der elektronischen musik, die mir ganz besonders gut gefallen hat.
...schreibt der DE:BUG POD (und der muss es ja wissen...) :: Disco at the Edge of the Universe
» Part 1 (77 min = 71 mb)
» Part 2 (76 min = 70 mb)

Das Tracklisting gibt`s übrigens hier...

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Durch die Nacht mit psyCKo // Light-Version // Teil 2/01

Da ich sowieso noch`n bissle wach sein werde (und schon ein paar Bier intus hab) gibt`s heute eine Light-Version von "Durch die Nacht mit psyCKo". Die letzte Session ist ja schon fast 2 Monate her... Mal gucken auf was ich während meiner Vinyl-Sharity-Suche alles stosse - freut Euch also auf MP3-Kuriositäten, Trash-Tracks & Shitty-Downloads bis zum Abwinken.

Den Anfang macht der Original Soundtrack zu dem Film Bedazzled (kenn isch glaub net, aber klingt ganz smooooth):

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Miksacje3 by El Barto and Liam B

Der "Mashup of the Week"-Mix kommt diesmal aus Polen:
» miksacje3 by el Barto and Liam B [37.6 MB]

Hey we had a visit from our Mashup comrades in Poland this week. El barto and Liam B stopped in and dropped off a great Mashup/Mix that will keep you listening for along time - about 32 minutes roughly. Dziekuje to you two for contributing to our Guest DJ of the week show. The list of all the tracks used is huge - see if you can find them all.
» via Mashup of the Week Podcast

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Helbako // Relaunch

Die Idee gefällt mir:

Um Ideen nicht verlegen ist die Elektronikfirma Helbako. Weil die Zeit für den dringend erforderlichen Relaunch nicht reicht, zeigt man dem geneigten Besucher schon einmal per Handschrift, was sich alles getan hat. Gut ausgedacht.

» via Dr.Web Weblog

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Audio Atrocities

This site is intended to be a constantly growing and changing museum for the study and enjoyment of truly terrible video game voice acting in video games from the very first CD system, the Turbografx until the present day.
Die Top 5:

1 Last Alert // Turbografx-CD 1990
2 Tenchu // Playstation 1998
3 Megaman 8 // Playstation 1997
4 Resident Evil // Playstation 1997
5 Shenmue II // XBOX 2001

Am Besten gefällt mir ja das hier (aus Resident Evil).

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Lamest Songs of all time

We've seen all of the best songs lists but what about the lamest? Sure there have been a few, mostly made by aging hippies, but we wanted a list that represents some of the cheesiest cheese of our generation too, not a list made by people that still lament over the end of Summer of Love and actually gave a damn that Jefferson Airplane sold out as Starship. With that in mind, what started as fun thread on our message boards has turned into the list you see today.
Hier die Top 10 der schlechtesten Songs:

01 Limp Bizkit - “nookie”
02 Kelly Osbourne - “shut up”
03 Metallica - “st. anger”
04 Avril Lavigne - “sk8tr boi”
05 Warrant - “cherry pie”
06 David Cassidy - “i think i love you”
07 Sheryl Crow - “sweet child of mine”
08 Hole - “gold dust woman”
09 Crazy Town - “butterfly”
10 Vanilla Ice - “ice, ice baby”

» Hier die kompletten "Top" 101

Nett auch der Kommentar zu Platz 1:
Limp Bizkit is the poster child for all that is wrong with popular music. Ever since they first infected popular culture with their jock rock sounds, they have been responsible for some of lamest music ever produced. "Nookie" takes the prize not only for the lamest Limp Bizkit song but the lamest song period with lyrics that could have easily been written by a 1st grader. In short, "Nookie" is the musical equivalent to a fart joke. The only problem for Fred Durst & Co is that the joke is on them!
» (mal wieder) via popkulturjunkie

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